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Agriculture development of China's eight vegetables key areas
2010/1/21 0:00:00

According to the agriculture by 2015, planning, regional base area of vegetables, the total output of the 42 percent of vegetables.

Recently, the national agriculture issued a key area development planning (vegetables 2009-2015). By 2015, according to the plan will initially build strong market competitiveness and the characteristic of the eight vegetables key areas.

According to the introduction, our vegetable industry has developed rapidly and has become the agriculture and rural economic development, the pillar industry in security market supply and increase farmers' income, expand employment, expand the export trade has played an important role. But at the same time, our vegetable industry development and lack of unified planning, production, market supply unreasonable layout of instability.

For vegetable production product fresh vegetables seasonally strong, perishable, shipping, according to the characteristics of the difficulties of climate, location advantages and industrial base, the agriculture production plan will be divided into four big vegetable 8 function areas, including: the key in the south China region, the Yangtze river ShangZhongYou vegetables in the loess plateau region, vegetable vegetable key areas, summer eastern yunnan-guizhou plateau region, summer vegetables huanghuaihai and link bohai sea area, the key greenhouse vegetable export southeast coastal region, the northwest vegetable export vegetables, northeast border region export vegetables key area.

By 2015, according to the plan, the key area base area of vegetables, the total output of the 42 percent of vegetables, exports and exports account for more than 90% of the vegetable production, the per capita net income of farmers to contribute more than 1200 yuan, product safety and quality requirement of green food product commercialization, and deep processing () to 65%.

Therefore, the agriculture department to improve infrastructure and technical equipment conditions, improve the comprehensive production capacity, Increasing technological innovation and popularize strength, improve industrial competition ability, Implement standardized production and management, improve the level of product quality and safety, Implement commercial processing and process, improve product postharvest value, Perfect market and information service system construction, promote and cohesion, With the development of industrialization management, improve industry brand overall efficiency.