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Congratulations on the 7th China (jinan international garden &flower expo held in jinan
2010/1/21 0:00:00

2008 September 10th in the afternoon, the 7th China (jinan international garden &flower expo press conference was held in Beijing. The 7th China (jinan international garden &flower expo garden expo) (hereinafter referred to as the 2009 September 26th to 2010 in jinan city in late may.

The 7th garden expo by People's Republic housing and rural construction and jinan, China's government sponsored by the society and China landscape of shandong, 1996 and park association jointly hosted YuanLinJu jinan. The garden expo with "cultural heritage, scientific development" as the theme, "expanding urban landscaping industry at home and abroad, to promote exchanges and cooperation in the sustainable development of urban landscape gardening art and raise the level of communication and academic thoughts; and landscape garden culture spread Chinese, promote the harmonious development of man and nature; promote the new materials, new technology, and new ideas in the landscape, the use of social harmony living environment for the future and pursue" office will target, fully embodies the CPC put forward the scientific view of development of cultural undertakings and improve, prosperous urban living environment, promote the human and the nature harmonious unification guidelines, will also show the deep connotation, qilu culture unique charm of jinan city and the development trend of art garden flowers, has abundant geographical characteristics and times colour.

The garden expo site for landscape, circumjacent environment of jinan university science park and its neighboring area landscape lake area. Jinan garden show park planning control area 5176 mu, of which water, land 3736 mu 1440 mu. Overall planning for the central axis, two "a landscape of ornamental axis, eight functional partition, three subject construction, set JiuShiWuGe booth ground outdoor permanent. In the garden and exhibitions in Chinese culture, style, qilu culture idea for main line, "the source of life for the environment, water" basis, flowers, applying for large-scale atmosphere with new materials, new technology, new technology, new energy and new ideas for the application characteristics of The Times, with the participation of social all circles for exhibitions, with "style" and "places round", "and" and the future for the harmonious living expression, protruding, water, flowers, new, wide, and six characteristics, show the door, bears, water droplets tower, rainbow bridge, dew exhibition hall, the light of life, and making, dream and between 9 square waterscape large window.

The expo site is located in jinan university science park and its neighboring area landscape lake area, about 25 kilometers away from jinan district. Now the inner landscape garden construction site have begun lake park, garden show park construction and development of university science and technology plan. The site chosen by Japan, eventually WIN landscape planning and landscape planning of jinan research institute jointly planning design, pay attention to the element of water use, highlights the jinan spring culture.